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Job & Color Planning

Job Planning

When you are ready to consider painting, think about what areas and surfaces need to be painted. Look at all of the surfaces.

Start with the ceilings.
Are they dirty or water stained? Are there any stress cracks? Is this the color that you want to stay with?

Are there repairs needed from water leaks? How do the window sills look? Do you want the pictures to back in the same place?

Door, frames and trim
Are they chipped or worn? Do they need to be caulked on the edges?

Do you want to empty them now? Most owners paint the closets when they move in or out.

We have partnered with Sherwin Williams so you can use their amazing color picking software. Click the image below!

Sherwin Wiliams Color Visualizer

Flat is a traditional finish, but not as washable as other sheens.
Satin (or egshell) is the most popular finish these days. It has a low shine, but good wash ability.
Semi-gloss is a traditional finish for kitchens and baths. It also has good wash ability.

Color Planning

How do I pick a color?
One way is to hire a designer. They will look at your home furnishings and your life style and make recommendations.

Another way is go with what you think looks good. (It is your house).

Either way, you should test your new colors. Once you have colors in mind, buy some actual paint and put it on the wall. You will be able to see it in different lighting and near your furnishings. Sherwin-Williams offers “Colors to go”. They will make a quart of any color, even matches to other company’s colors, or matches to your pillows or fabrics for only $4.99. You do need to give them some time for matches.

Will it take one coat or two?
The amount of color change will determine whether it requires one coat or two. Also painting over semi-gloss sometimes causes the paint to “slide” which may require two coats. Your color test should give you an idea. Look closely at your sample and see if you can see through it. This will give you a good idea if it will require two coats.

We will need your color selections several days in advance. Andy will contact you a week or two before your start date.

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