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Do you offer free estimates?

YES, Just call us at 505-934-0660

When can I put things back on my shelves?

Wait at least 48 hours and longer if you can. Latex paint takes 14 days to fully cure.

TIP: You can spray Endust or Pledge on a shelf before you put anything on them to keep you items from sticking to the new paint.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we take credit cards. There is a 3% processing fee.

Do you do Faux finishes?

No, but we have people that we can refer you to.

Do you install wallpaper?

No, but we have people that we can refer you to.

Do you offer color advice?

No, look at the section on color planning.

How many colors can I have?

As many as you want. Our standard proposal covers 3 colors, after that there can be an additional charge.

Do you do wood trim or minor remodeling?

No, we are good at painting and we stick to that. We have names of contractors to refer you to.

Do you recommend other contractors?

While I am always hesitant to recommend anyone, I will offer names of other contractors where I have seen good results. You can call the office for names and numbers. Another good source is “Angie’s List” at

Can I go to work while your crew is in my house?

Yes, we are bonded and insured. Please call any of our references. Ask people you know who have used us. Some customers have even scheduled us while they are on vacation.

Do you offer a warranty?

While we do not offer a written warranty, we do respond quickly to any concern. If it is our fault, we will fix it at no charge. If we don’t think that it is our fault, we will help find out the problem and offer a solution.

How long before you can start?

Our lead time varies according to the season. In Jan and Feb, lead time is one to two weeks. In March we can start painting outside, so lead time jumps to two to three weeks. By May our lead time can get as long as four to six weeks. By October we can get to the jobs in about two to three weeks.

What hours do you work?

We start at 7 am and quit at 3:30. We do take a lunch, but do not leave the jobsite. This lets us avoid traffic.

When can you paint outside?

The limiting factor on outside painting is temperature. For most of the products that we use (Sherwin-Williams Duration), the temperature must be above 35 degrees at night. This limits us to about March through October. Another product that we use on stucco (Sherwin-Williams Conflex Elastomeric Coating) requires 50 degrees at night, limiting us to mid April through September.

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