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Colors Recommended by Albuquerque Painting Contractors for a Nursery

When babies are born, they don’t automatically have 20/20 vision. It isn’t until their first month when babies begin to recognize colors. As soon as your baby’s color vision is fully developed, you have to make sure that they’re constantly stimulated with colorful toys or picture books as this could help in boosting their memory, curiosity, and attention span.


When you hire one of the best painting contractors in Albuquerque like Andy’s Painting, Inc. to color up the nursery, you should be aware that your choice of color can affect your baby. An article from Project Nursery has this to say:

How much color should I put in the nursery? Will it be too bright? Will there be enough stimulation? These are some of the most common questions we hear from our clients wondering how color affects your baby. While there is still much scientific debate about how color affects infants, there is endless evidence showing how color affects adults—marketing execs have poured millions into this research.

Why not take advantage of all this research and use it in your nursery? While your baby may not perceive colors correctly for a while, they will when they get older and as those marketing execs have proven—color does affect us.

Here are some popular colors that a skilled Albuquerque house painter may recommend and how they may affect your baby.


Sunny” and “bright” are the common adjectives related to yellow – and for very good reasons. Yellow is great for nurseries that get a lot of natural light as this shade can bring a cheerful vibe to any room. On the other hand, avoid yellows that are too bright, because they can agitate a baby, and opt for pastel or subtle yellows instead.


If you want to create a learning environment for your baby, green is the way to go. It’s a calming, natural, and refreshing hue that promotes concentration and exudes a nurturing aura. Not sure if you’re having a boy or a girl? Take note that green is said to be the modern unisex color, a great neutral palette.


Pink is traditionally a feminine color. Therefore, if you’re expecting a little princess, pink is a lovely choice. However, do stay away from bright or hot pink shades as they can be quite distracting.


Same as the color of the sky, it’s no surprise that warm or bright blues are colors that inspire relaxation. This cool color can also boost productivity. Avoid navy or dark shades as they completely defeat the calming effects of this color.

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